A prenatal test can be done anytime after the end of the 8th week of pregnancy.

Yes, we respect your privacy, and all test results are kept confidential.

The Prenatal test possesses a very little risk to the mother and the child. The risks associated with this test is same as that of a standard blood test.

If the alleged person is the biological father of the child, then the accuracy of the test is 99.99%, and it is a case of inclusion. But if the alleged person is not the father, the test is absolutely 100% correct i.e. a case of exclusion.

If the alleged father is not available for a DNA test, you have some other options like Grandparent DNA testing, Avuncular Testing, and Siblings DNA Testing.

Currently, we are located at 36 Plaza St E Brooklyn, NY 11238. You can contact us at 718-233-9131 to schedule your appointment.  Note: Appointment required before coming to the clinic.

The cost of a DNA test depends upon the type of testing performed. Call us right now at 718-233-9131 to get a quote. Our prices are the most competitive in the market.

Yes. We send you the results of your test to your email address. The next day you will the Hard Copy of the test result certified by the laboratory via FedEx. This test can be used in a court of law.

Chain of Custody refers to the proper custody and control of the DNA samples throughout the testing process so that the results are accurate and cannot be tampered with at any stage of the testing process. It includes:


A neutral third party who can identify the persons being tested and collect their DNA samples.

Delivery of paperwork and the samples at a testing location without any tampering.

Proper handling and testing of DNA and paperwork by a qualified laboratory.

Mobile collectors are qualified professionals who can come to your home and collect the DNA Sample.

Anywhere in Brooklyn and Kings County. Call us if a participant lives elsewhere, and we can set up an appointment for them.