Father’s Day Press Release
18 Jun 2017

Father’s Day Press Release

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Brooklyn, New York – June 18, 2017 | Father’s Day is just around the corner. Your dad might be, too. Or your kid. Or a few kids, for that matter.

Let’s face it, making kids is fun. Being certain that they’re yours can be just as rewarding. Luckily finding out if they’re yours is simple, thanks to companies like Brooklyn DNA Testing.

The Prospect Heights company performs thousands of DNA tests annually and Father’s Day is the busiest time of the year with tax season coming in at close second.

Paternity DNA testing, while often the punchline to jokes, is a very serious matter for those involved. After all, suddenly finding out you’re a father — or who your father is — is a legitimate life-changing piece of information.

Brooklyn DNA Testing helps families and individuals with their DNA needs. Serving residents from DUMBO to Brownsville the business crosses all socioeconomic statuses: a reminder that we’re all human.

Customers who frequent the business get their fourth paternity test for free. Yes, there is actually a reward system for regular customers and with less than a week away from Father’s day, this June is on track to be a record-breaker.

If you’re looking to determine how much celebrating to do on Father’s Day, there couldn’t be an easier solution.

For more information, call us at 718-233-9131.