Finding a DNA Testing Company You Can Trust
29 May 2017

Finding a DNA Testing Company You Can Trust

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We can both agree that it’s hard to find a trusted source of paternity testing let alone a competent DNA Testing Company.  You need the results for court and the expected wait time for your case is 3-9 months, in most cases.

Luckily there’s a fast and easy way around this.
You perform a google search for “paternity testing” and a list of DNA Testing Companies with 1-800 numbers show up.

Here’s the thing:

Many of the sites that offer DNA testing are actually companies that are located in different cities across the country. You can tell these sites are from different areas because they have 1-800 numbers. These agencies tend to refer business to local testing sites and typically charge a premium to the consumer.


Yes, you read that right. The industry calls them DNA brokers and they’re not much different from a used car salesman. Calling these companies means that you are going to have to wait in line and wait for them to find a mobile DNA collector in your area which may days to weeks depending on the area.

Luckily there’s a way to avoid these fellas. Here’s how:

The sites that pop up in the main search results can be any site that’s relevant to what you search. However, Google has evolved to display business information. For example, businesses hours, phone number, website, and any information that the business provides about itself.  It’s displayed inside of a box that’s next to or above the search results.

The good thing is:

In order for companies to use this feature, they have to have a physical location that they verify with a postcard that’s mailed to the address. They then have to input that verification code in for the business box to work.

Make sure that the site you call has information about the type of DNA test you want and that it’s written in English. Legal jargon is necessary for some places but it often confuses most people. Make sure that the content on the site is clear and easy to understand.

DNA Testing Blogs are Important Too

A blog is a huge because it shows you that the DNA Testing company wants to educate customers about the services they offer. It helps when someone has to buy the right DNA test and that they understand that test.  For example, in New York State, laboratories cannot sell DNA tests directly to the consumer.

Blogs are meant to address common misunderstandings or gaps in information.  They are also a good indicator of how knowledgeable the company is on DNA testing.

If there are how to’s, guides, and tips: you can bet that it’s probably a trustworthy DNA Testing company.

You found the DNA Testing Company You want to call, Now What?

If you want to see how the phone conversation should go, take a look at this:

DNA Testing Phone Call Infographic


Sample Collection Appointment Checklist:

1. Government Issued Photo ID, this must be current.

2. The Alleged Father & Child Need to be tested, however, their appointments can be at different times.

3. Stay hydrated so that the cheek swab sample is good for the laboratory.

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